Our New Home, Office & Garden - Improving your lifestyle!
Our New Home, Office & Garden Pricing:
We will ensure that our prices are clear and concise without any hidden surprises, below is a guide to our pricing, however individual customer requirements, materials used, distance travelled and other factors may all be a factor.
Please be assured that we are constantly price checking our competitors to ensure that we are still offering excellent value for money whilst delivering an exceptional service!
Our New Home:
Our Cleaning services are available from:

£25.00 for 2 hours or...

£12.50- Up to 45 minutes
£15.00- Up to 60 minutes
£17.50- Up to 75 minutes
£20.00- Up to 90 minutes
£25.00- Up to 2 hrs

£12.50 per hour after 2 hours, £3.25 per qtr hour (or part of)if not full hour.

please contact us for further information.
Our New Garden:
Gardening services available from:

£30.00 for 2 hours or...

£8.00    Up to 20 minutes
£10.00  Up to 30 minutes
£15.00  Up to 45 minutes
£20.00  Up to 60 minutes
£25.00  Up to 75 minutes
£30.00  Up to 90 minutes
             (with treatments)

£3.50-£45 Various treatments

working at height (use of ladders ect). Garden clearance. Tree work.
Landscaping. Decking. Fencing etc will be quoted per 'job'.
Our New Office:
Please contact us to discuss as all contracts will be different due to insurance/clearance etc. However we endeavour to keep our pricing for the commercial sector in line with the residential side of our business.
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